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White Color Feed Additives Florfenicol Powder 98.0% Min Purity CAS 73231-34-2

  • White Color Feed Additives Florfenicol Powder 98.0% Min Purity CAS 73231-34-2
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Product Description

1.Basic Info.


Product Name:Florfenicol
CAS No.:73231-34-2
Synonyms:2,2-dichloro-n- (1- (fluoromethyl) -2-hydroxy-2- (4- (methylsulfonyl) phenyl) ethyl; 4- (2- (1-fluoro-1-hydroxypropyl) -benzenesulfonicaci; FLORFENICOL; AQUAFEN; 2,2-dichloro-n - [(1r, 2s) -3-fluoro-1-hydroxy- Methyl-sulfonylphenyl) propan-2-yl] acetamide; NUFLOR; [r- (r *, r *)] - n- [1- (fluoromethyl) -2-hydroxy-2- (4- -2,2-dichloroacetamide
Purity: 98.0%Min
Molecular Formula:C12H14Cl2FNO4S
Molecular Weight: 358.21
Appearance: white powder
Usage:Broad spectrum Antimicrobial Drugs


2.Product Description:


Florfenicol is a commonly used veterinary antibiotics, antibacterial spectrum, antibacterial effect, the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) is low, antibacterial effect is chloramphenicol, thiamphenicol 15-20 times, feed 60 minutes after administration, the concentration of drugs in the organization can reach the peak, can quickly control the disease, high security, non-toxic, no residue and other characteristics, no potential for aplastic anemia hidden, suitable for large-scale large-scale farms, For the treatment of Pasteurella and Haemophilus caused by bovine respiratory disease. On the bacilli caused by beef rot disease has a better effect. Also used for sensitive bacteria caused by pig, chicken infectious diseases and fish bacterial disease.

Florfenicol is not easy to produce resistance: because the use of fluorine atoms to replace the molecular structure of thiamphenicol hydroxyl, effectively solve the chloramphenicol, thiamphenicol resistance problems. Thiamphenicol, chloramphenicol, amoxicillin, quinolone-resistant strains are still sensitive to this product.

Because chloramphenicol has a serious lead to aplastic anemia and immunosuppression and other adverse reactions, it is prohibited in the use of food animal production. Studies have shown that: chloramphenicol chemical structure caused by aplastic anemia is the main group of aromatic ring on the bit nitro. The florfenicol is CH3SO4 replaced NO2 group, so that the chemical structure has changed, it is used in animals do not produce aplastic anemia adverse reactions. As a result, more than a dozen countries in Japan, Mexico and China have been approved for use.


Florfenicol is characterized by extensive antimicrobial spectrum, resistance to Salmonella, Escherichia coli, Proteus, Haemophilus, Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae, Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae, Streptococcus suis, Pasteurella multocida, Bronchus , Staphylococcus aureus are sensitive. The drug is easy to absorb, widely distributed in the body, for the quick, long-acting formulations, no potential for aplastic anemia hidden, security is better. In addition, the price is moderate, than other drugs to prevent respiratory diseases such as tiamulin (branch of the original net), tilmicosin, azithromycin and so cheap, the cost of medication easy for users to accept. Because of these characteristics, domestic fluorobenicol has been widely used, as the current prevention and treatment of livestock and respiratory tract and gastrointestinal bacterial infection of choice drug.

Florfenicol should not be combined with quinolones, penicillins, cephalosporins, and should not be combined with ampicillin, sulfonamides, furan drugs.


3.Product Applications:


Florfenicol can strongly interfere with bacterial protein synthesis, rapid absorption, widely distributed in vivo, long half-life, no risk of side effects, not easy to produce resistance, no residue, no cross-resistance.
Florfenicol can be used for livestock and aquatic animals, systemic infection treatment, respiratory infections and intestinal infections significantly.

Poultry: E. coli, salmonellosis, infectious rhinitis, chronic respiratory disease, duck plague and other sensitive bacteria caused by mixed infection.

Animals: pig, cattle, sheep and other infectious pleurisy, asthma, streptococcal disease, E. coli disease, salmonellosis, infectious pleural pneumonia, asthma, piglet paratyphoid, yellow and white diarrhea, edema disease, atrophic rhinitis, Epidemic, piglets red and white diarrhea, no milk syndrome and other mixed infections.

Crabs: appendage ulcer disease, yellow gills, rotten gills, red legs, inflammation and red body syndrome.
Taurus: red neck disease, furuncle disease, perforation disease, rot skin disease, enteritis, mumps bacterial sepsis and so on.

Frogs: cataract syndrome, ascites, sepsis, enteritis and so on.
Fish: enteritis, ascites, vibriosis, Edwardsiosis and so on.
Eel: deodorant sepsis (unique efficacy), Edwardsiosis, red skin disease, enteritis and so on.



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