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99% Purity Veterinary Drug Raw Materials Enramycin Premix Powder CAS11115-82-5

  • 99% Purity Veterinary Drug Raw Materials Enramycin Premix Powder CAS11115-82-5
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Product Description


Supply 99% High Purity Veterinary Drug Raw Materials Enramycin Premix Powder CAS:11115-82-5



Basic info.


Product name: Enramycin

Synonyms: Persistent fungicides; Persistent fungicides; Enramycin; Imipramycin; Endomycin; Enomycin; Enra toxin; Ansamycin, Enamycin Premix

CAS Number: 11115-82-5
Molecular formula: A: C107H138N26O31CL2
B: C106H140N26O31CL2
Molecular weight: 0
EINECS number:
Related categories: antibacterial to promote growth agent; feed additives
Nature: white or yellowish white powder. Generally used is crude, gray to grayish brown powder, with a specific odor. Soluble in dilute hydrochloric acid.


Product name
Yellow brown powder


Product Description:


Advantages and characteristics of enamycin:
1) add a small amount of ninamycin in the feed, can play a good way to promote growth and significantly improve the effect of feed compensation.

2) Both enamel and anaerobic conditions exhibit good antibacterial activity against Gram-positive bacteria. Enalimycin has a strong effect on Clostridium perfringens, which is the main cause of growth inhibition and necrotizing enteritis.

3) Enramycin is not cross-resistant.

4) Enamycin produces very slow resistance, and has not yet isolated Clostridium perfringens resistant to enamycin.

5) Because enamycin is not absorbed in the intestine, so do not worry about drug residues, and no withdrawal period.

6) Enramycin is stable in feed and remains active even during processing of pellets.

7) Enramycin can reduce the situation of chicken manure.

8) Enramycin can inhibit ammonia-producing microorganisms, which can reduce the intestine and blood ammonia concentration, thereby reducing the concentration of ammonia in the barn.

9) Enramycin can reduce the clinical symptoms of coccidiosis, may be due to enamycin on secondary infection of anaerobic bacteria have a strong inhibitory effect.

Product Applications:


Uses: Enamycin on Gram-positive bacteria have a strong activity, not easy to produce resistance. Can promote livestock and poultry growth, improve feed conversion rate. (10 × 104U) -20 (80 × 104U) g / t; can also be used for chickens of 10 weeks of age or less, and can be used for pig feed of 4 months old or less. Feed for the amount of 1-10g / t, laying period disabled.

Applied research:
Enlamycin has a wide range of anti-Gram-positive bacteria and excellent growth and improve the utilization of feed the role of clinical often as poultry, pigs, fish antibiotics to promote growth agent. Xu Chuan and other application of enamycin, chlortetracycline and bacitracin three kinds of antibiotic additives added to the feed, the 1200 AA broiler production performance and economic efficiency of the comparative experiment. The results showed that naloxycin could significantly improve the performance of broilers, and the economic benefit was 3.75% and 31.6% higher than that of chlortetracycline and bacitracin.


Feeding experiments showed that the addition of a small amount of enamycin in the diets of piglets could increase the digestion and utilization of feed protein, dry matter, promote piglet growth, increase daily gain, reduce pig diarrhea, and relieve stress effect. The addition of enamycin in the feed was 0.02 ‰, which could significantly increase the weight gain of pigs from 60 to 120 days old and improve the commercial performance of pigs. The addition of 2mg / kg and 6 ~ 8mg / kg enamycin in the feed can accelerate the growth of allogynogenetic crucian carp and reduce the feed coefficient, thus reducing the cost of feed.




Enramycin has strong activity against gram-positive bacteria, especially against the harmful Clostridium in the intestine.Resistant after long-term use is not easy, because it changes the gut bacteria group, and so on of nutrients in feed use effect is good, can promote the pigs, chickens, weight gain and improve feed conversion rate.Enramycin was administered orally to large and mouse LD50 with a weight of 10g per kg, and 522.9mg to 4-week-old broiler chickens.However, the enrapamycin (crude crystal) added to the feed was taken orally, with a weight of 11g per kg for rat and mouse LD50 and 8g for broiler chickens.Teratogenic and mutagenic tests were negative.After oral administration, enramycin only plays a role in the digestive tract and is not easily absorbed.Between 6 and 12 hours after the application of the medicine to the broiler, the amount of enrapamycin excreted in the feces reached 87.0% ~ 100%, and the amount of piglet residue was small.After 1 week of continuous use, the residual amount in each tissue on the day after drug withdrawal is less than 25 igg /kg.After the excretion of enlamycin from chickens and pigs, it has no toxic effects on crops, fish and the environment.Therefore, it is a safe and effective animal antibiotics.En la toxin in 40 ℃ for 4 months, titer remained above 90%, but the humidity is bigger, the lower the titer.Enlamycin in the added feed was kept at room temperature for 12 weeks and its potency was not less than 90%.


Effect of enamycin on chickens
Enalomycin spices can play a role in promoting growth and improving feed compensation for broilers and backcourt. Prevention of water will be the effect.
1) Chicken sometimes due to intestinal flora disorder, there may be drainage phenomenon. Enamycin is mainly used in intestinal flora, can improve the drainage of the bad situation.

2) Enramycin can enhance anticoccidial activity against coccidiosis or reduce the occurrence of coccidiosis.
Effect of enamycin on swine
Enalomycin spices, both piglets and piglets have to promote growth and improve the role of feed compensation.
According to a number of test results, the recommended dose for pigs is 2.5-10 ppm.

Prevention of diarrhea effect
The addition of enamycin to piglets is not only beneficial for growth and improved feed remuneration. But also to reduce the occurrence of piglet diarrhea.
In the application of aquatic feed
The addition of 2,6,8 ppm of enlamycin in the diet significantly increased the daily gain of the fish and reduced the bait coefficient.


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Store in cool and dry area and keep away from direct sunlight.oC
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2 years, keep in formal storage condition.

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