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ACP-105 SARM Steroids Muscle Growth White Crystalline Powder CAS 899821-23-9

  • ACP-105 SARM Steroids Muscle Growth White Crystalline Powder CAS 899821-23-9
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Product Description

1. ACP105 description:

Product Specification : 99%
Minmum Order Quantity : >50g
Sample Requirement : Free Sample / Freight Charged / to final agreement
Product No.: PURACP



2. ACP105 COA:

Item Specifications Results
Appearance A white crystalline powder

White crystalline


Identification IR; HPLC Conforms
Sulphates NMT0.05% Conforms
Toluene NMT890ppm Not detected
Methanol NMT3000ppm Not detected

Related substances


NMT1.0% Conforms
Loss on drying NMT0.5% 0.07%
Sulphated ash NMT0.1% 0.09%
Ammonium NMT0.08% Conforms
Heavy metals NMT0.001% Conforms
Assay(On dry basis) 99.0%-101.0% 99.58%
Microbiology Total bacterial count:<1000CFU/g 30CFU/g
  Total Fungus count: <100CFU/g <10 CFU/g
  Escherichia coli:Not detected Not detected

3. ACP-105, a Novel Non-Steroidal SARM:
In a poster presentation titled, "In Vitro and In Vivo Profile of a Novel Tissue Selective, Orally Bioavailable Non-Steroidal Androgen Receptor Modulator," ACADIA researchers present findings on ACP-105, a novel non-steroidal SARM.ACP-105 is shown to be as potent and efficacious as testosterone in in vitro assays without interaction at other hormone receptors. In addition, ACP-105 demonstrates potent anabolic effects on muscle and bone with minimal effect on prostrate in preclinical models.

4. About ACP-105:
ACP-105 is a non-steroidal and selective androgen receptor agonist. ACP-105 is part of a class of molecules referred to as selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs). SARMs may advance the standard of treatment for a variety of disorders including muscle-wasting conditions and osteoporosis, with fewer side effects as compared to current treatments based on testosterone replacement. ACP-105 has exhibited promising pharmacological properties and a favorable safety profile in preclinical testing.


5. ACP105 Function:
Anabolism - promotion and growth of lean muscle tissue and mass. This is extremely important for the individual suffering from a muscle wasting disease. It is the muscle wasting that at times can lead to the demise of the patient even before the disease itself.

Increases in strength - again, excellent for those suffering from muscle wasting diseases.

Increased bone density and strength - highly beneficial to the osteoporosis patient. SARMS may prove to be one of if not the most effective osteoporosis treatments available, although official data is still inconclusive.

Fat Loss - medications with strong androgen binding affinity have been shown to promote lipolysis. How significant these six SARMS are in this regard is inconclusive.

Low to No Virilization - this is highly important to women. Many compounds (anabolicandrogenic steroids) while the same benefits of anabolic steroids can apply to women as they do men, there is often the issue of virilization. Virilization refers to the promotion of masculine like traits in women, i.e. body hair growth, a deepening of the vocal chords and clitoral enlargement. SARMS have been shown to NOT promote virilization symptoms in women. Existing data supports that the pre-clinical SARMS should be no different, although again at this stage is not fully conclusive.

Increased Libido (Females) - preliminary data, especially in regards to AC-262,356 has shown the SARM may increase female libido significantly.

Contraceptive (Males) - preliminary data, especially in regards to S-23 has shown the SARM may be an effective male contraceptive.

Endurance & Conditioning - All of the pre-clinical SARMS should have a level of positive effect on muscular endurance as well as overall physical conditioning. The level of effectiveness in such regards is dependent on the SARM in question and data is still inconclusive to quantify the total effects.

Nutrient Efficiency - All of the pre-clinical SARMS should have a positive impact on nutrient efficiency to one degree or another. This refers to the ability of the body to make better use of the nutrients it consumes.

Estrogen and DHT - The pre-clinical SARMS should not aromatize, referring to the promotion of the testosterone to estrogen conversion. However, some increases in serum estrogen levels may be possible depending on the SARM. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) related side effects (hair loss, acne) are also not possible with these SARMS. There should also be little to no negative affect on the prostate; in fact, data shows potential prostate health improvement.






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